Business Case

Business Case Competition is an event in which teams of students have the opportunity to examine real-life business problems and present their solutions and ideas to a panel of corporate executives and business leaders. All teams will be given the same case and the team will make create a presentation on why their solution is the best. The panel will judge the recommendations on aspects like feasibility, creativity, completeness, etc.

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“The purpose of business case is to provide senior management with all the information needed to make informed decision as to whether a specific project should be funded”. (Schmidt 1999)

Theme : Create a creative idea to become a competitive leader in digital era

Target Participants
Each team consist of 3 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities in Indonesia.

Date and Time
Registration 28th May - 28th July 2018
Pre-case Announcement 7th August 2018
Pre-case Solution Submission 7th - 22nd August 2018
Finalist Announcement 6th September 2018
Technical Meeting & Company Visit 27th September 2018
Final Presentation 28th September 2018
Announcement the Winners 29th September 2018
Venue: Telkom University, Bandung

Prizes: IDR 10.000.000 (Total Prize) + Sertificate + Throphy

Facilites for All Participants
  1. International Seminar Ticket
  2. Goodie Bag
  3. International Certificate
  4. Consumption
Contact Person : Nanik 085792396700 / Line nanik_suaryani

Official Line@: @jbc_telkomuniv
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IG & Twitter: @JBC_TelkomUniv
Fanspage FB: JBC 2017


  1. Each team consist of maximum 3 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities around Indonesia.
  2. Participant are prohibited for playing the competition in more than one team.
  3. Participant were not allowed to change the team with other participant.
  4. Participant shouldn’t use name of team from any organization or university and participant shouldn’t use racist or other negative content.
  5. Participant must upload file and send the registration to our E-mail ( And if not, participant forbid to follow the competition.
  6. Participant must join the online technical meeting via facebook group.
  7. Participant must obey all rules from the committee.

Registration Fee
Proposal pre Case
Regular IDR 150.000

Registration Timeline:

Why should I participate in JBC Business Case Competition 2018?
There are multitudes of reasons for why you should participate in a case competition! Here are a few reasons:
  1. Experience, These competitions provide the most hands-on, realistic simulations of what it would be like to work in the business environment. There will be opportunities to analyze and make recommendations on real-life strategic issues just like real business professional. You will also be able to practice leadership skills in a team environment. The case competition can also help you realize if the business environment is something you want to be a part of.
  2. Networking, There are many opportunities to meet and interact with various representatives from many great companies. In addition, there will be top business skill students from other schools that you can meet too.
  3. Confidence and Resume Booster, Amazing the judges and winning a case competition increases your confidence in your own skills, which can help you present yourself better in an interview. You will also be able to present the case competition as an impressive experience on your resume and as a talking point in interviews.
  4. Application of Skills, get the opportunity to apply the skills you have learned in the classroom to real world experiences
  5. Stronger Communication Skills, You will have the experience of presenting to business managers, answering questions under pressure, and receiving feedback about your team’s ideas in relationship with real world expectations.
  6. Get the chance to win the prizes!!!!

Can JBC Business Case Competition 2018 help me get an internship or job?
Doing a case competition is a great resume booster and does help you stand out when competing for a job. You can also use your participation in a case competition as examples for interview questions like the following: “When was a time you had to work in a team”, “When was a time you had to work under pressure”, “Describe a time when you made a process improvement or recommendation”, etc. Also, at the case competition you will have the opportunity to interact with the companies that are sponsoring the competition. The competition sponsors are there to help with the case competition, in addition to looking for possible candidates for positions at their companies.

How do I prepare for a case competition?
Start built your team, do a lot of discussion, and if necessary provide your team with advisor, who will give you further instructions on how to prepare with your group as the competition approaches.

Will I be missing class?
The final competitions do happen throughout the school week, therefore there is a high chance that you will be missing class. But don't worry we will provide your team a dispentation letter! So, just make sure your team make up the work!