In this competition, each players acts as a CEO of their own company. During the game, players must run their company with use six key decisions of a business, such as: the price of the product, the number of products manufactured, the cost of Marketing, Research and Development costs, the cost of Capital Investment, and the last cost of Charitable Giving. JA Titan consists of several quarters and there are several scenarios such as Economy Recovery, Product Introduction, Product Obscolence, Full Business Cycle, Industry Innovation,and Global Competition. During the game, the players have to reach the maximum score of the Performance Index (PI). At the end of the game, the players who have the highest Performance Index will be the winner. Participants also had to organize their own strategy in order to beat the other teams, so that contestants are always feel challenged to participate again in the next competition. After participant finished playing JA Titan, they will be given a business case and participants have to solve the business case. Business case will be presented on the following day and the team who have the best results will be the winners.

Theme : Create a creative idea to become a competitive leader in digital era

Target Participants
Each team consist of 2 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities in Asia.

Date and Time
Online Selection
Date Saturday and Sunday, August 26th and 27th 2017
Time Saturday : 18:30 - 22:00
Sunday : 18:30 - 22:00
Technical Meeting Offline (Required)
Date Friday, September 29th 2017
Time 18.30 - 20.30
Competition Days
Day 1 Saturday, September 30th 2017
Time 09.00 - 15.00
Date Sunday, October 1th 2017
Time 07.30 - 09.30
Venue : Telkom University, Bandung

1st Place IDR 6.350.000 + Certificate + Trophy
2nd Place IDR 4.250.000 + Certificate + Trophy
3rd Place IDR 3.150.000 + Certificate + Trophy

Facilites for All Participants
  1. International Seminar Ticket
  2. Goodie Bag
  3. International Certificate
  4. Consumption
Contact Person : Oman 082221229192

Official Line@: @jbc_telkomuniv
Or Click :
IG & Twitter: @JBC_TelkomUniv
Fanspage FB: JBC 2017


  1. Each team consist of maximum 2 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities around Asia.
  2. Participant are prohibited for playing the competition in more than one team.
  3. Participant were not allowed to change the team with other participant.
  4. Participant shouldn’t use name of team from any organization or university and participant shouldn’t use racist or other negative content.
  5. Participant must upload file and send the registration to our E-mail ( And if not, participant forbid to follow the competition.
  6. Participant must join the online technical meeting via facebook group.
  7. Participant must obey all rules from the committee.

  1. Teams who pass the online selection will be announced on August 28 th , 2017
  2. Teams who pass for online selection will get a invitation letter from the committee.

Registration Fee
Stage 1
Early Bird $ 10 USD
Regular $ 12 USD
Stage 2
The Top 20 Teams: $ 29 USD

Registration Date
Early Bird June 1st - June 18th
Regular June 19th - July 7th

Registration Timeline:

What does The 6 th Java Business Competition 2017?
The 6 th Java Business Competition 2017 is the international competition that organized by SEARCH Telkom University. Java Business Competition or JBC consist of four competition and one international seminar.

What are the facilities that will be received by the contestants?
You will get international certificate, accomodation to Telkom University and hotel, consumptions, souvenir.

What is Business Simulation?
Business Simulation is a competition that start with a game named JA Titan. And at the final step, you have to solve the study case about the theme.

How many teams that will be selected to the next stage and come to Telkom University, Bandung ?
There are 20 top teams.

Is it acceptable for one team consists of more than one university?
Sorry, the team must be originated from the same university, but if it’s from different majors, it still be okay.

What kind of dreescode that used when competition started?
Formal dresscode, for the complete information, there will be guidebook for the participants.

If participants come from another city or another country, how it goes with transportation to Bandung or to the venue?
We will release accommodation guidebook that contains list of transportation and hotels.

Is there any details of important dates in the implementation of JBC 2017
Coming Soon Competition May 22th 2017
Early Bird Registration June 1 th – June 18th 2017
Regular Registration June 19th 2017 - July 7th 2017
Online Selection August 25th 2017
Seminar and Technical Meeting September 29th 2017
Playoff September 30th 2017
Final October 1st 2017