Indonesian Marketing Debate is one of Java Business Competition that held by SEARCH Telkom University. Special on this year, we expand the range of participant becoming ASEAN. This competition performed between Goverment team and Opposition team to conclude the best marketing strategy from the issue that has been given. This Competition are not just determine the winner, but also improve participant knowledge, critical thinking, and analyzing skill on happening marketing issues nowaday. Each team consist of three person. The judges that will asses consist of three person in each chamber that comes from different background that is from a Debaters, an Academician, and a Practicioner. Competition comprises several round i.e Preliminary Round, Quarter Round, Semi Final Round, and Final Round. On Preiminary and Quarter Round, we are using Australian Parliementary Debate System and using Victory Point to determine the winner. On Semi Final Round we are using Asian Parliementary Debate System to Determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner.

Theme : Discover Creative Marketing Strategy in Digital Era

Target Participants
Each team consist of 3 diploma or undergraduate students from all universities in Asia.

Date and Time
Preliminary and Quarter Final Round Telkom University, September 30th 2017
Final Round Telkom University, October 1st 2017

1st Place IDR 8.000.000 + Trophy
2nd Place IDR 6.000.000 + Trophy
3rd Place IDR 4.000.000 + Trophy

Facilites for All Participants
  1. International Seminar Ticket
  2. Goodie Bag
  3. International Certificate
  4. Consumption
Contact Person : Selma 085323800209

Official Line@: @jbc_telkomuniv
Or Click :
IG & Twitter: @JBC_TelkomUniv
Fanspage FB: JBC 2017


  1. Participant is an active Bachelor undergraduate or Diploma undergraduate student from ASEAN country and should be proved by student identity card.
  2. Participant is a team that consist of 3 person.
  3. Team members may come from different faculty but should be in the same College.
  4. Each participant may only being a member of one team.
  5. Participants in team who have registered can not be replaced for any reason.
  6. Each university can only send a maximum of 3 debates team.
  7. The team name is not allowed consist of name of the College’s participants.
  8. The deadline for registration of participants on 31 August 2017 at 23:00 pm.
  9. The registration fee for Debate Marketing is Rp 650,000 and it’s included tickets to the International Seminar that will be held on 29 th September 2017 at Telkom Applied Science School Auditorium.
  10. Participants and or representatives from team are required to attend the Technical Meeting which will held on 29 September 2017 at 18:30 pm on Telkom University.
  11. Participants are required to be present 30 minutes before the Technical Meeting for re- registration.
  12. Along debates, participants have to use Indonesian as a intermediate language.
  13. During the debate, participants not allowed to use English exception to the terms of marketing.
  14. When a team will start case building, all gadgets should be left to the committee that acts as an LO (Liasion Officer).
  15. When the debate’s time, participants are only allowed to bring paper and pen. The paper will be distributed by the committee when case building.
  16. Not allowed to discuss a motion except with the team.
  17. Participants are required to respect ongoings of the debate and the decision of the jury. Participants are not allowed to make an appeal to the jury (a jury decision is final).
  18. Participants must comply with and carry out all the rules that have been outlined by the committee indonesian marketing debate JBC 2017.

Registration Fee
Registration :
Early Bird IDR 600,000
Regular IDR 700,000

Registration Date
Early Bird August 1st - August 19th
Regular August 20th - September 9th